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Whether you’re looking for web design, email or content marketing, social media advertising or a marketing strategy, our team can get you there. We follow a rigorous marketing process that keeps you in the loop every step of the way.

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Empower Your Business with Digital Expertise

Want to grow your business and increase your online visibility in a fast, consistent, effective and measurable way? Let us help you unleash this invaluable tool to help your business reach a wider audience and increase your profits. We will bring your message to your audience in a cost-effective manner, by creating tailored campaigns aimed at your target audience’s demographic data.

With the right strategy, digital marketing is a great way to increase visibility, engage customers, and ultimately, grow your business.

Our Digital Marketing Services

Web Development

We build fast, efficient, optimised websites according to your needs, and we don’t compromise on hosting, because you can’t afford downtime. Personal, e-commerce, or content-based websites with quick turnaround times.

Content Marketing

Content matters and both your market and search engines love content. Let us help you to tell your story by creating content that inspires your target audience, resolves pain points and helps you boost your rankings organically.

Brand Identity

Build your brand. It’s about brand identity, relevance, consistency, awareness and strategy. Don’t leave it to chance. Let us help you to brand your business in a way that fits with what you do and appeals to your target audience.


Let’s face it – if you’re not taken seriously by search engines, you’ve missed your target market. Don’t simply build your platform, optimise it in a way that legitimately places you ahead of your competitors in a lasting way.

Email Marketing

Nope, it’s definitely not dead. Email marketing remains a super powerful way to both reach potential leads and nurture existing ones. Sanitised, GDPR-  and POPI- compliant email databases ensure that your audience remains engaged.

Customer Profiling

Take the guesswork out of who your target audience is and how best to reach them. Identify who your most profitable customers are and how best to target them.

Recent Projects

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Boa Vista Resort Website by Buzza Digital Marketing

Our Approach

Familiarisation & Goal Setting

We need to get to know you better, understand why your company exists, and get to grips with your envisaged mission. Once your marketing goals have been identified, it’s time to get into the details.

Project Analysis & Customer Profiling

Your project is analysed and broken down into key components. We audit your current marketing strategies, align your branding, and establish your position in the market.  We also identify factors that affect your market, ascertain industry trends, and create your customer profiles.

Marketing Plan

Together we formulate a marketing plan that fits your profile, budget and timeline requirements. This includes the marketing calendar and key performance metrics.

Implementation & Reporting

Implementation and optimisation commence and the market response is closely monitored and communicated. Adjustments are made if necessary, in consultation with you.

Let’s explore your possibilities together.

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